Josef Taucher. Drawing. Zeichnung.

Graphic artist with pointed feather and ink.

For decades, Josef Taucher - in addition to his work as a painter - has been on the way with a drawing pad, drawing pen and ink in the open air. Never before, and even today, he could not "stand up", which was summarily understood as "artistic drawing" and is meant (meaning, for example, superimposed, imprecise, blurred lines drawn with the thickest possible graphite pencil, smeared, blurred sloppy, ...)

Ergo he early chosed steel-feather and ink, because this drawing tools do not allow any blur. Both extremes, the barely flexible steel spring and the soft paper challenge him, seemingly incompatible. With the pen he creates a three-dimensional spatial effect exclusively by means of delicate, filigree lines. There are no shades of gray on the drawing sheets, and he never uses hatchings or analogue drawing methods.

On the mostly open-air drawings, he uncompromisingly captures what's inside the field of vision. These can be landscapes, mountains, houses, plants, animals, objects, people. The image section he makes in advance by means of a frame. Drawing is done without selection and without weighting. He places individual, selected objects in the room, in an unexecuted or merely indicated environment. As a draftsman, Taucher enters into a direct dialogue with nature and brings to paper what he demands from him for the moment. It may be that he reduces his selected motif to a few abstract appearing outlines, may be, he captures every facet, even every tiny detail. In no case does he admit what is not recognizable.

The drawings are neither preliminary studies of paintings nor are they to be read as a lifelike image (as well as in the painting of Taucher), but rather to understand as an absolutely independent work.                                                          CH